Tuesday, November 15, 2016

'One of a Kind Plant Design'


Over the summer it seemed important to me to be able to find something I could do as a mom, that I enjoy, and make money at it. I was stumped for the longest time on what I could do. I really love horticulture and plants but I had no idea what to do with plants that I could do as a mom too (yard work for a business kept coming to mind but with a 1 and 3 yr old that didn't seem feasible..). I thought and thought and racked my brain over and over to think of something that would bring in a little something extra. During the summer I worked at one of my friend's flower shop a few times and because of it I was able to come up with the idea of personalized funeral plants. My idea was to have living plants (like indoor plants) and in those plant arrangements, to have special things that represented the person who passed; like a fishing pond for the fisher or a beach themed one for the sea lover. It sounded so good in my head. Strangely, (I really think it is no coincidence) I was guided to a YouTuber called 'Garden Answer'. She was basically doing exactly what I wanted to do but she seemed better at it with more resources. I felt somewhat discouraged but also motivated that I could still do what I wanted to and succeed. I bought a bit of stuff and was excited to get going. 


The weather changed to fall and I wasn't able to find the plants I wanted, for the price I wanted, so the funeral part of my plant idea has kind of been put on hold. I had hoped to sell my creations to local flower shops.

In the mean time, my sister-in-law and I signed up for a booth in the 'All I want for Christmas Expo'. The Plan was for me to make baby booties to sell, but when the first pair took an hour, and were horrible,(and didn't even look the same) and were time consuming (and did I already say it took an hour for one pair) and I didn't enjoy it that much; I knew I needed to do something else. I decided that I would try my plant business there. It has metamorphosed into 'One of a Kind Plant Design'. I make one of a kind plant baskets (or pots or containers) with themes or special memorabilia. I make living or fake plant arrangements, for any occasion. Here are some examples of ones that I have made thus far: 

8-15$ (or so ) 'One of a Kind' for your favorite basketball player

I actually plan of giving this to a friend because her whole kitchen is strawberry decorated but it shows what kind of things I am meaning as 'One of a Kind'. If I did sell it, maybe 5-10$

8-15$ (or so) a beautiful succulent for your favorite ice cream eater.

A nice beach themed basket. This was my favorite to make because I got to get creative. I just don't know if the interest is there for such things... I started with smaller containers mostly because I felt they would be more 'sell-able' but I would love suggestions! I don't know a price range on the basket... What would you pay for it?

I would love any feedback that you have or ideas (or wording) that would help my business do better. Would also love it if you had time to check out our FaceBook Page and let me know what you think!  I am in the early stages of gestation with this business and would love input if you think it is a good, sell-able idea (aka would you be interested in buying something like this from me and is the price right, too much? not enough?) or not so much.

 I will be at the 'All I want for Christmas Expo' in Kingston Plaza December 2 and 3. I would love for you to come say hi even if my product idea doesn't interest you!    


  1. I love this! I think your business name has a great ring to it, and how cool! It's so cool to use your creativity and your skills with plants and put the two together! I need to buy one from you because I've been wanting some greenery in my home!

    1. Thanks for your reply!! Let me know what you want 🙂